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The N.A.S.S. organization is proud to present the second annual Mike Langston Memorial online race. Mike passed away in 1998 of cancer and although he is gone, he's not forgotten. Mike was a mainstay in the early years of sim-racing and was an early tester for the Hawaii and NROS systems. He joined the Hawaii Ace League (HAL) and was a staple in the sim-racing community. It's only fitting that we keep his spirit alive with our passion of sim-racing by honoring him with a race in his name.

The first annual event was a huge success and was won in upset fashion by Jim Allen of Portland Oregon. Those who know Jim from his sim-racing exploits would describe him as unassuming and under the radar. With more then 160 starts in various divisions, Jim could certainly be considered a veteran and it's only fitting that he pulled off the stunning upset in a fashion that befits Mike's memory. Mike was known as a competitive racer but rarely shared in the laurels of victory lane. Jim could be said to fit that model and it's only right that Jim lays claim to the coveted 1st Annual MLM trophy. We wish him the best of luck in his bid to defend the title.

If you want to know more about Mike, there is a more detailed description of him at the Hawaii Ace League web page and it says more that we ever could. Take a moment to check it out:

Particulars for this years race:
The race will be a simplified format this year. There will be two sessions, a qualifying session and the race - both on the same night. This year's race will be broadcast live over the Interntet on RLMTV. Executive Security will serve as the race's sponsor and the winners hardware will be supplied by AMSOIL dealer Robert Emmons of Flemington NJ.

All participants must send an e-mail with the following information and a zipped race car file by Friday September 15th to be eligble. Be sure to send a CUP physics car. The race will be broadcast so it is imperative that we have everyone's car file ahead of time.

E-Mail Subject: Langston Memorial Race Registration

In the body of the e-mail please specify the following:
Driver Name (Please submit sierra ID. This ID must be the drivers first and last name by NASS rules. For example Robert Smith.
Car Number
League Affiliation:
Leage Division: If NASS (Thunder, Lightning, Pro, Truck)
E-mail: This is the e-mail to use for contact should it not be the e-mail that you're sending this message from.

Send all registrations to:

AMSOIL Time trials: Saturday September 16th, 6:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time
Format: Time trials will be run live on the server. Each driver will enter and practice. The server will open at 5pm EST. After a one hour practice the server will be reset for time trails.

Procedure -
1. Each driver will enter the server but remain on pit road.
2. Each driver will be called to the first pitstall and then cued to run two laps. Lap times will be recorded and periodic updates will be provided.
3. Upon completion of the two laps each driver will pull around turn two, pull down to the pavement inside the backstretch and hit the <Shift>+<R> key combination to return to their pitstall.

Note: In order to shorten the overall time, the next driver in the cue will be summoned to the first pitstall right after the preceding driver leaves. They will take to the track when the preceding driver passes the S/F line on the first lap.

Drivers who are unable to participate in Qualifying will start scratch on the field

MLM2 Main event presented by Executive Security: 50% race*

30 drivers will take the green flag for the Mike Langston Memorial. The winner will garner the first ever Mike Langston Memorial winner's trophy.
* Distances are approximate.

Race settings:

  • The Papyrus NASCAR® 2003 game will be utilized.
  • The track will be Talladega TR track with the Cup series physics. The link to the track will be provided via e-mail to all reigstrants.
  • Pit Stop frequencey will be 2x for the Main Event.
  • Hard Core mode will not be enforced.
  • The fixed setup will be provided.
  • The weather will be clear and 70 degrees. Damage will be realistic.


The NASS LIghtning Rules (with the exception of hard core mode) will be in effect. The lucky dog rule will be in effect.

Detailed explanations of the race start procedure:
When the pace lap is finished, we will take the green but not go. The administrator of the race will initiate a caution flag. The leader shall stay at pace speed, and stop on the track at the beginning of the backstretch.. The race director will then set the field according to the lineup sheet. You will have already been informed of the starting after qualifying. As your name is called out, you will pull to the entry of turn #3 and stop in your assigned starting position. Everyone will be given the command to proceed and then we will run pace speed to the start finish line. It is important that we maintain formation to the s/f line so we can take the yellow in the start order*. The pole sitter will pick up the pace car and we will start the race when the restart happens.

Password for the event is Langston
•  Communication Methods: E-Mail, Yahoo lists, and game chat.

Thanks and lets have fun!
Kevin Inglin

Mike Langston Winners Trophy

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